Address: Shoken 16, second flor

Phone No: 03-6818066

Email 24rupee@gmail.com

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A review from telavivcity.com :

24 Rupee is situated at 14-16 Shoken Street, in South Tel Aviv. Passersby would be forgiven for not noticing this gem of a restaurant, nestled between motorbike shops and warehouses. However, this is certainly a place to check out if you enjoy authentic, well-priced and very tasty Indian food.

There are two levels of 24 Rupee. As you climb the staircase, with colourful framed photographs adoring the walls, there is an interior room to the right.It is cosy, and furnished in comfortable chairs and cushions for sitting on the floor to dine.

There is also a rooftop area, which is perfect during the summer, allowing patrons to feast on Indian food in the open air.

Whether dining indoors or outdoors, traditional Indian music is piped in the background. It is necessary to remove your shoes before sitting down, which simply adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

Trust Me

24 Rupee is very affordable and operates on a trust system. Wait staff do not write the orders down.They bring the food and ask what you ordered at the end of the meal.

The owner regaled stories of people promising to send the money in by mail after a meal and of this being honoured.

Business Lunch

The menu has a range of dishes and is strictly vegetarian. It is worth heading to 24 Rupee for the Business Lunch.

For the reasonable price of 30 NIS (40 NIS including dessert), it includes a refill of everything on the plate and also comes with a glass of chai or lemonade.

If you are less ravenous, there is a small deal available, consisting of a cup of chai and a dessert (15-20 NIS depending on the dessert.

Start with a Starter

The starters at 24 Rupee are well flavoured and light enough not to spoil your appetite.

The samosas are particularly delicious (24 NIS). Comprised of crispy dough filled with potatoes and peas, they come served with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce and raita yogurt with herbs and vegetables.

Another highly recommended starter is the Momo. These Tibetan steamed dumplings are handmade with vegetables and tofu (2 pieces 20 NIS and 3 pieces for 26 NIS).

Thali Served Three Ways

Thali is a traditional Indian dish served on a traditional platter divided into sections and forms the basis of the main courses at 24 Rupee. The vegetable dishes or subji change daily.

The Classic Thali comes with dahl, a red lentil dish, two kinds of chapatti (thin Indian bread like pita), a choice of brown or white rice and yoghurt (32 NIS).

The Special Thali incorporates the Classic Thali plus the special of the day, pappadum (crispy bread made from lentil flour), and raita, for 38 NIS.

If rice doesn’t appeal, the Southern Thali is served without it. It contains two subjis of your choice, the special dish, chopped onion, pickles and chapatti (27 NIS).

Special People

24 Rupee caters for all tastes and offers ‘special prices for special people’. This deal allows you to choose what you want from the menu.

The individual prices are as follows: special dish (13 NIS), subji or dahl (9 NIS), rice (7 NIS), yoghurt (4 NIS), chapatti (2 NIS).


There is nothing better to chill out with than a warm, traditional Indian chai (regular 9 NIS/ large 12 NIS).

Gently spiced, sweet and milky, it is so good, 24 Rupee even offer take home packs of their special chai mix (24 NIS for 100 grams).

There is also herbal tea, yogi tea and a drink of ginger, lemon and honey available.

The food at the restaurant is mildly spicy, but if you want to cool your mouth down, quench your thirst with a home made lemonade (9 NIS) or mango/guava juice from Sinai (12 NIS).

Beer is also available as is a variety of flavoured Arak, such as almond, fig, date and plum (prices start at 18 NIS).

Just Desserts

The dessert menu at 24 Rupee is select and each item is mouth watering.

For vegans, there is the Energy Heart (7 NIS), which is a mix of dates, nuts and sunflower seeds.

The Banoffee is worth trying. Based on a recipe from Dharamshala in India, it consists of cake baked on a biscuit. It comes served with dulce de leche, banana and coconut.

The Bagsu is similar, only without the banana and coconut and made with melted chocolate.

Both dishes cost 20 NIS, though it is recommended to try them with a scoop of icecream for an extra 8 NIS.

Also delicious is the classical Indian treat, Gulab Jamun. This dish is comprised of a sweet ball made from milk powder, floating in a mixture of sugar and rose water.

24 Rupee is open from noon-midnight Sunday to Thursday and 7pm-midnight on Saturday.

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